What makes us different?

About Us

We deliver solutions that maximise the value to our clients.
We do this by employing the brightest people, using or creating state of the art tools and by loving what we do.

Our clients love our approachable style and relaxed professionalism. We are fun to work with.

In the game since 2006. Thousands of hours on site, hundreds of projects completed and challenges beaten.

Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team brings a wealth of practical experience in operations, contacting and consulting.

Chris Laidlow
Chris Laidlow Chief Executive
As Chief Executive Chris puts his 37 years of water industry experience to good use in making sure the company’s growth is built on quality, innovation and excellent customer service. A key part of this role is developing expert teams and building long term relationships with clients and partners.
Jason Colton
Jason Colton Chief Technology Officer
As CTO Jason is responsible for technology development and product performance. He has a 20 year track record of delivering innovation in the water industry.
Jo Turner
Jo Turner Chief Operating Officer
As COO Jo makes sure the company keeps functioning smoothly. She covers everything from financial management to QMS.
Maseina Koneferenisi
Maseina Koneferenisi Product Manager
Maseina, leads the Product Development and Support Team and ensures Infrastructure Data is implemented seamlessly. Maseina has 20 years’ experience in Water Supply management and knows how to assist clients to achieve maximum value from ID for their specific organisational needs.
Louis Ortenzio
Louis Ortenzio Principal Process Engineer
As Principal Process Engineer Louis leads our engineering team and wastewater projects. He has worked in municipal wastewater treatment process design, commissioning, and operations in the US for over 11 years. Louis’s design experience spans biofilm, activated sludge, and sidestream anammox treatme…