We provide consulting services

Consulting Services

Our areas of expertise

Process Engineering

  • Masterplanning
  • Process design (concept, preliminary, detailed)
  • Operational support
  • Process audits
  • Process optimisation
  • Operator training
  • Bench scale / pilot plant design and testing

Process Modelling

  • Neural net modelling of treatment plants
  • Online parameter development
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Water chemistry modelling
  • Wastewater process modelling (GPSX)
  • Genetic algorithm development

Advanced Process Control

  • Predictive coagulant dose control
  • Predicted and actual cost to treat
  • Predictive alkalinity control
  • Predictive pH control
  • Predictive chlorine demand
  • Real time source water management
  • THM and HAA online control strategies

Data Management Services

  • Water demand management planning
  • Real time process models
  • Product compliance reporting
  • Environmental compliance reporting
  • Operational reporting
  • Operational maintenance planning
  • Pilot plant data reporting

Meet our process engineers

We have an elite crew of engineers who have a wealth of site based experience. We are not deskbound engineers.

Jason Colton
Jason Colton Chief Technology Officer
As CTO Jason is responsible for technology development and product performance. He has a 20 year track record of delivering innovation in the water industry.
Louis Ortenzio
Louis Ortenzio Principal Process Engineer
As Principal Process Engineer Louis leads our engineering team and wastewater projects. He has worked in municipal wastewater treatment process design, commissioning, and operations in the US for over 11 years. Louis’s design experience spans biofilm, activated sludge, and sidestream anammox treatme…
Julianne Martin
Julianne Martin Senior Process Engineer
Julianne is a Senior Process Engineer and she manages and provides technical process input to projects through optioneering, design, construction, and commissioning. Julianne also oversees the training and development of new staff.
Ivan Ottenheijm
Ivan Ottenheijm Process Engineer
Ivan provides his process knowledge and modelling expertise in many of our engineering projects. His activities range from concept studies to process optimisation. Ivan also carries out R&D work and technical support for our patented coagulation control system; Compass.
Jonathan Church
Jonathan Church Senior Process Engineer
Jonathan is a Chartered Senior Process Engineer with a variety of skills in water treatment. These include green and brownfield design and commissioning for small to large potable water supplies. Jon’s area of expertise is advanced process control and drinking water standards compliance.
Andreas Fischer
Andreas Fischer Process Engineer
Andreas is a waste water engineer by trade and got his experience while working on municipal treatment plants in Switzerland. Since starting with Lutra, Andreas has broadened his process engineering knowledge to cover aspects of water treatment and environmental compliance.
Brett Clapham
Brett Clapham Process Engineer
Brett is a process engineer and works with the team and clients to generate cost-effective and innovative solutions

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