Dealing with dirty water complaints

10 great real-time water treatment analytics

Most treatment plants have the instrumentation necessary to be able to create great analytics in real-time, turning data into actionable process insights. Yet despite all the talk of digital transformation in our industry there are precious few plants where this actually happens. So here are 10 anal…

Posted by Jason Colton - Chief Technology Officer. May 14th 2019

Dealing with dirty water complaints

How to predict peak summer demand using an artificial neural net (ANN)

The recent hot spell in New Zealand and Australia put a lot of water supply systems under pressure. Knowing what the demand will be for the current day and for the next 7 days allows for proactive management of supplies, water restrictions and consents. Learn how to predict summer demand.

Posted by Jason Colton - Chief Technology Officer. February 5th 2019

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Severn Trent Water

Wellington Water

Learn how our advanced process control solutions saved Wellington Water $650k per annum in operating costs , improved plant performance and improved plant efficiency.

Severn Trent Water


When Fonterra needed a water treatment plant upgrade we mapped out a solution which not only met their needs in the most effective manner but also provided a solution to local farmers running a rural water supply scheme.


How to calculate the cost of water treatment using Infrastructure Data

This video assesses the entire water treatment process including coagulants, sludge disposal, electricity and manpower to work out the real time operating cost.

The water treatment process and how Infrastructure Data can help

A video outlining how Infrastructure Data (ID) software can help with your DWSNZ Protozoal Compliance Reporting in both water and waste water treatment plants.