New Product Launch Delivers End-to-End Management of Resource Consents

Posted by Chris Laidlow - Chief Executive.December 6th 2017

New Product Launch Delivers End-to-End Management of Resource Consents

In November we launched CMM, the latest functionality for our Compliance and Operational reporting platform, Infrastructure Data. CMM, short for Compliance Management Module, has been in development over the past 18 months in conjunction with Tauranga City Council (TCC) and industry experts.

TCC wanted an industry standard, industry supported, simple, auditable, and cost-effective system to automate day to day management of its 250 Resource Consents - with over 7,000 Conditions. TCC also wanted Consent related data to be held in a centralised repository that enabled ready access to reports.

By expanding the functionality of Infrastructure Data, we met these requirements and included additional features such as workflow, and Consent management performance analysis.

The key value of CMM comes from time saving, risk reduction, and the convenience of a centralised location for all Consent information. Consent information is easy to access and enables users to efficiently interact with and manage consents and associated conditions. 

CMM removes the need for paper records, and streamlines what can otherwise be a fragmented and labour-intensive process. It can also be customised to the user’s specific needs, giving access only to what an individual needs, or wants, to see.

CMM plays a significant role in reducing organisational risk through its ability to instantly report on the status of any Consent or Condition, and can alert users to events that might compromise compliance. Rather than waiting until the end of the reporting period to assess and manage a possible non-compliance, CMM gives you the information needed to transform compliance management into a proactive process, rather than a reactive one.

With various levels of risk associated with Consents, any required actions can be prioritised through the module, ensuring time-critical or important actions are highlighted appropriately. CMM also reduces the risk of a compliance action or event being overlooked through the automated reporting functionality of the module.

The ability to easily analyse compliance performance data over time, enables organisations to take a strategic approach to consent management. For example, by identifying opportunities to reduce expensive monitoring conditions (where evidence can prove no impact) through variations, surrendering consents or rationalising consents through Global Consent applications.

CMM also provides change control and audit trails, which is key for transparency of compliance management. Any change that has occurred to the consent or condition is logged and can be viewed at any time, giving users a fully auditable system. With all changes being tracked through CMM, users can be confident in relying on a truly transparent system.

CMM is a generic yet customisable model, and can be applied to a number of different systems besides resource consents. Any set of tasks that requires actions and deliverables, both quantitative and qualitative, can be easily managed and reported on through CMM, for example Water Safety Plans and contract performance KPIs.

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