What do we mean by Masterplanning?

Posted by Jason Colton - Chief Technology Officer.April 14th 2017

What do we mean by Masterplanning?

Masterplanning is a term that is used widely in the water industry but what does it actually mean? The graphic above details our masterplanning framework which has been developed based on our experience of masterplanning for a wide range of clients. Our framework allows our clients to pick which components they wish to include in the masterplanning. Usually our clients already have a lot of information that helps with the problem definition stage so our job is to collate the available information and identify gaps before proceeding to the next stages.

We use the AACE Cost Estimate Classification System - 18R-97 November 2016 for determining the cost accuracy of our cost estimates. Class 5 estimates are appropriate for concept level screening and Class 4 are appropriate for feasibility studies.   The level of cost accuracy a client requires naturally determines the level of design detail that must be developed.

We use multi-criteria analysis (MCA) to ensure all decisions made are transparent, auditable and consider the views of all stakeholders.

Once a preferred option is identified the next stage of planning focuses on how and when the project can be delivered.