Fielding Water Supply Masterplanning

Feilding Water Supply Masterplanning


Manawatu District Council

Our team reviewed the water infrastructure assets, demand projections and supply risks for the Fielding Water Supply. Through taking a holistic approach and in considering various scenarios, we developed a solution that allows Feilding to change entirely to groundwater sources while improving supply resilience and reducing operating costs. The solution also allows Feilding to supply water to neighbouring towns under emergency conditions.

Our Role


Feilding receives most of its drinking water from an aging treatment plant that is expensive to operate and would require considerable investment if it were to continue operating in the long-term. There is the possibility of replacing this source entirely with groundwater sources that operate intermittently.

As the town demand is projected to increase as a result of industrial and residential developments, MDC approached Lutra to provide a solution that will ensure a cost-effective and secure supply of compliant water well into the future.