Havelock North WTP Upgrade

Havelock North WTP Upgrade


Hastings District Council

When Hastings District Council needed urgent support we were there. We helped them get their new plant into service in a very short time.

Our Role

Procurement Support, Design Review, Commissioning, Operator Training

In August 2016 there was a large outbreak of waterborne Campylobacter in the town of Havelock North. The cause of the outbreak was identified as contamination entering the Brookvale bore. This bore was a supplementary supply bore that provided untreated ground water to the town.

With summer approaching there was an urgent need to bring the bore back into supply in order to meet demand. Given the previous outbreak and associated national inquiry, a new process providing 5 log of protozoal treatment was required.

Hasting District Council (HDC) turned to Lutra to provide technical oversight during equipment selection and procurement. Our team then provided design review services and provided technical oversight during an extended commissioning period.  HDC elected to use Lutra’s Infrastructure Data product to provide ongoing performance monitoring, compliance reporting and instrument maintenance management for the plant. Our team continue to provide support to HDC.