Paekakariki WTP Relocation

Paekakariki WTP Relocation


Kapiti Coast District Council

While Kapiti Coast District Council required an exact duplication of the existing plant, we looked for opportunities to reduce costs and improve operational flexibility. When the implementation contractor faced challenges to complete the commissioning on time, we provided assistance to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Our Role

Contract Preparation, Engineer to Contract

As a result of the Transmission Gully infrastructure project, part of the Wellington Northern Corridor, the 2 ML/d Paekakeriki WTP had to be relocated to make way for the new road link. The water sources are two bores with a river source for back-up, and the treatment consists of sand filtration, cartridge filtration, UV and chlorine gas for disinfection.

The plant was required to keep running during the project, requiring a duplication of the front-end (bore intakes and sand filters) at an alternative location and seamless tie-in with the downstream infrastructure. Kapiti Coast District Council engaged Lutra to project manage the relocation.