Stanway Halcombe Water Supply Masterplanning

Stanway Halcombe Water Supply Masterplanning


Manawatu District Council

Our team came up with a solution that ensures full compliance with the DWSNZ2008, security of supply via existing and additional assets, and operational friendliness. In order to keep the capital investment required to a minimum we incorporated into the solution the facility to further increase supply resilience at a later stage.

Our Role


The Stanway Halcombe rural water supply scheme provides water to Halcombe and the surrounding areas that is not fully compliant with the DWSNZ2008. The water is sourced from the Rangitikei River via two shallow bores and currently chlorine gas is used for disinfection. MDC approached Lutra to provide a solution for upgrading the 2 ML/d scheme to produce fully-compliant water and meet future demand projections.