Waitoa WTP Replacement

Waitoa WTP Replacement



Our team developed the design build strategy for the works and produced the FIDIC contract documentation and technical specification. We are working closely with both Fonterra and the contractor to speed up the design process allowing for a very fast track project delivery.

Our Role

Masterplanning, Contract Preparation, Design Review, Technical Advisor

The Fonterra Waitoa WTP provides 10 ML/d potable water to the dairy plant, located on the same site. The old plant was nearing the end of its life, was challenging to operate, and was becoming a constraint on site production in peak dairy season.

The site required a new plant capable of producing fully compliant water at peak demand for many years to come. The plant is supplied by a river source which contains elevated levels of dissolved iron and manganese; this increases the treatment complexity particularly with Fonterra’s stringent quality requirements.

The new plant will comprise potassium permanganate dosing, pre-coagulation caustic pH correction, ACH coagulation, membrane filtration, post treatment caustic pH correction and chlorine gas disinfection.

"Their performance on our project to date has been outstanding and I am happy to provide a strong recommendation for them."

Chris Murphy - Project Manger