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Infrastructure Data

Water treatment software to automate your operational reporting

Infrastructure Data provides online water and waste water treatment compliance software, that automates your data collection, removes your paper based forms and keeps all the members of your team up to date.  Your water treatment process is continuously monitored, keeping an eye on key metrics to ensure you are delivering the highest water quality possible.  It collates data from field devices, historians, mobile apps and commercial labs. Data is transformed to provide operational and process insights and all reporting is fully automated. Infrastructure Data is provided as a SaaS service.

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Automated water treatment coagulation dose control

Compass is a predictive water and wastewater treatment coagulant control system that ensures you are never dosing too much or too little.  Compass is providing confidence and cost savings in more than 50 plants worldwide,  with an ROI of up to 80% in the first year. A number of models are available covering water, wastewater and industrial treatment.  

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