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Advanced Compliance and Operational Reporting

Infrastructure Data is a web-based suite of Integrated data management, analytic and reporting modules designed for use by owners, operators and regulators of Infrastructure assets to reduce risk and increase efficiency & effectiveness.

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Automatically collect and combine data from a wide range of sources – historians, remote devices, field observations and laboratories. All synchronised then safely and securely stored in the cloud.


Instantly turn your data into knowledge by using soft sensors to cleanse and transform data. View results anytime, anywhere on any device using our beautiful lightning fast web-based visual analytics. No downloads required.


Save time and reduce errors by configuring online reports to run automatically on a schedule. All maths and validation is done in one auditable location. Run reports on KPIs, RMA compliance, DWSNZ and more.


Infrastructure Data is a web-based suite of integrated data management, analytic and reporting modules designed for use by owners, operators and regulators of infrastructure assets to reduce risk and increase efficiency & effectiveness.

It is software as a service (SaaS) meaning you pay a monthly fee. Pricing is based on the number of locations you wish to include (e.g treatment plants) and the modules that you need. Plans start from only $500 per month, including awesome training and ongoing help from our talented support team. Set up is lightning fast. We can have you up and running within just a few days (not weeks or months!) once we have all the required information.


Device Manager

Our data engine. It handles data acquisition, storage, calculations and audit trails.



Create forms and publish to our free mobile apps in seconds to capture maintenance events and other field data. We have apps for Apple, Android and Windows.



Display results online in our smart, lightning fast, interactive dashboards. Set up scheduled “batch” reporting for your choice of time periods.


Lab Sample Manager

Easily set up and manage the most complex sample schedules with full end-2-end chain of custody. Manage results sharing and alerting. Full 2 way integration with commercial laboratories.



Configure time & task sensitive email and/or SMS alerts on anything created in the other modules.



Display results in a geospatial context to unlock patterns in your data.



Take a look at just some of the benefits that Infrastructure Data can provide for you and your organisation and find out why more and more utilities are signing up to our service.


Work faster and smarter by streamlining, simplifying and speeding up your end-2-end reporting processes whilst improving data quality and eliminating re-work. You can provide optional log-ins to business partners & regulators to share specified dashboards or reports in real-time with no need for uploading/downloading or emailing large, clunky files. Now that’s efficient!


Infrastructure Data has been carefully designed to improve data quality & currency in multiple ways, including; preventing and drawing attention to human errors as they occur; controlled lock-down of any data components or system settings; integration of manual, online and lab data; sophisticated real-time exception reporting & alerts to text or email; exclusive user libraries; automated validation of maths & logic arguments; and elimination of reliance on error prone spreadsheets and single points of failure.


Purchasing Infrastructure Data (ID) is a really smart business decision. No set up fees, no capital cost, low monthly payments, FREE upgrades & enhancements, and no costly back-ups. Infrastructure Data is unrivaled for cost-efficiency. You can realise a positive ROI in 3 months or less, and it is possible to save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year depending on the scale of your operation.


The security and ongoing availability of your valuable data is our primary concern. For your peace of mind we offer fully customisable user logins & permissions, and high security storage on a fully N+1 redundant platform behind our multi-layer, penetration tested security systems. We also offer a 99.9%+ uptime guarantee. Infrastructure Data has never experienced a known outage or intrusion.


All of your valuable data, including data captured from a person or a device is integrated into a Single Data Repository. This significantly increases the accuracy and overall quality of your data, whilst presenting you with lightning fast analysis, dashboards & reporting functions, available anytime, anywhere from any PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection.


It is increasingly important in all organisations to understand exactly who did what and when. For this reason, Infrastructure Data incorporates a ‘full chain of custody’ approach to data collection & transfer, as well as a detailed log of all user logins and activity. Our sophisticated roles and permissions system means that changes can only be made by designated people.


Infrastructure Data is a highly effective decision support and benchmarking tool. With our Powerful ‘soft sensors’ you can unlock and discover patterns, trends and correlations in your data to inform a myriad of strategic, tactical and operational business decisions. This value added feature, on its own, can pay back your investment many times over.


Our inbuilt compatibility & connectivity protocols mean that we can push and/or pull your data – including real time data – to/from any system using various data transfer & collection methods. Infrastructure Data will not present a constraint or roadblock to other ICT investments and your continued organisational evolution - now or in the future.


You and your teams will enjoy free support from our dedicated team of expert Data Analysts, and – if requested to do so – we can back that up with our team of internationally recognised Process Engineers & Consultants who can help you solve those ‘impossible’ problems – be they the finer points of Drinking Water compliance or a $200 million dollar WTP design project. In 10 years, our team have never encountered a customer problem that we could not solve quickly and efficiently.


Infrastructure Data is delivered to you as a Software as a Service (SaaS) but SaaS could also stand for Simplicity as a Service, because ‘User Experience’ design principles are embedded in every screen and function. From super-fast set up (in a matter of days) to easy one click reporting, your team do not need any more than the most basic of computer skills to be up and running saving time and money. Oh, and if you do get into trouble and need urgent help, you are just one click away from first class training & support material, or one phone call away from a member of our helpful & supportive team.


Infrastructure Data supports multiple business unit functions, giving you the power to boost quality, efficiency and productivity across many teams and activities, including risk & compliance, asset management, operations, ICT, business performance measurement (KPIs & benchmarking), and numerous external stakeholder groups. Use Infrastructure Data to manage all of your consents & permits, regulatory & industry compliance, operations, benchmarking & KPIs related to water, waste water, storm water & trade waste.


State-of-the-art database architecture and modular design combined with many thousands of painstaking design & development hours mean that your teams can add as many devices, tags, forms, reports, users - or anything else for that matter - , and Infrastructure Data‘s performance will never degrade. Say goodbye to outdated legacy systems and/or complicated spreadsheets and say hello to Infrastructure Data.

Mobile Apps

Go Paperless! We have mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows devices. Forms set-up in ID are instantly available on the mobile apps for field data capture. Use for:

Instrument maintenance records
Field measurements & inspections

Onsite lab measurements
Operational checks

Consent observations
OH&S logging


We are currently developing a SaaS Channel Partner programme and invite expressions of interest from prospective Referrers, Agents and Resellers who operate in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. If you are interested in learning more please get in touch.