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How to improve staff performance

When performance reviews come around, and you notice your teams KPI's are down, how do you go about improving those metrics? Here you will learn how - with our Training Offerings and Software!

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"Lutra have to be complimented on the levels they have set in the training material which range from introductory right up to state-of-the-art process knowledge. I am very impressed by their approach to diagnosing problems and fixing them in a logical manner."

- Paul Gaydon - Performance and Technical Manager.

We provide training material at a national level and a local level.

Our blended learning training material is used in national level qualifications for plant specific training.

"SIM-PLANT was a great experience, to be able to visually see a problem and work though the scenario to fix it was a good test of knowledge. Well done it is a well-designed system like no other training tool."
Blake Aicken – Water Operator
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