Streamlining the process of supplying safe, treated, compliant water.
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Standardised design

The design and manufacture of your Safewater plant is taken care of, leaving you to focus on your day-to-day operations.

Our expert engineers have already done all the hard work, using best practice to produce modular containerised plants, right here in New Zealand.

Easy for your budget

Safewater offers predesigned solutions with fixed pricing, giving you certainty when putting together your budget.

With predesigned solutions costing up to 40% less than traditional plants, Safewater represents value for money.

Easy for your staff

Designed with automation in mind, Safewater reduces the risk of human error.

Supplied complete with state of the art interactive training, operations, along with maintenance material, your staff can complete their training before the plant arrives.

Easy for you

Built to IL4, with stainless steel fabrication, full duty standby and integrated compliance reporting, Safewater streamlines the process of supplying safe, compliant drinking water.

We take care of the design as well as manufacturing of your water treatment plant, leaving you to focus on your day-to-day.

Integrated compliance reporting*

Infrastructure Data is fully integrated for compliance monitoring and reporting.

*ID is available to anyone with a subscription

Fast delivery
Safewater treatment plants can be delivered within 15 weeks of the order being placed.
End-to-end solution
Safewater is a modular system, with a range of unit processes, designed to meet your needs.
Ordering made easy
Simply get in touch with your source water specifications, and we will take care of the rest. It's that simple.
Paper work, done!
Best practice design documentation, including Water Safety Plans, are provided as part of the solution.

We are here to help

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