We are a team of expert process engineers, data scientists and designers, who are driven by a passion to ensure that anyone can drink water from a tap and enjoy our natural waters, without getting ill.

Our Story

Founded in 2006, Lutra started as a small process engineering team, providing consultancy services throughout New Zealand for water treatment. Lutra have since grown to a team of over 50, expanding our consultancy services into Water and Wastewater, as well as developing a range of market leading products including Infrastructure Data, Compass and Safewater.

With well over a decade of experience, 30+ clients in the government municipalities and industrial space in NZ, as well as 25+ international clients, Lutra have built a reputation of delivering excellence across our engineering, advanced process control, training and software offerings.

Legislative Framework

Statement of Intent

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We Are So Much More Than Your Average Consultancy

Our Team is made up of engineers, modelers, data management specialists, content producers, and project managers. We combine expert engineering knowledge with innovative technologies to support the three waters industry in providing end-to-end solutions, including market-leading operations and compliance management software.

Infrastructure Data Software

Our operations and compliance management software is designed to improve operational performance while reducing organisational risk.

Our Engineering Solutions

Lutra's expert and experienced process engineering and project management team help our clients with everything water and wastewater related.

Treatment Plant Solutions

Safewater is our modular treatment plant solution, designed to streamline the process of providing potable water and treating wastewater.

Smart Chemical Dosing System

Compass is our predictive chemical dosing system that continually optimises chemical dosing to reduce operating costs and improve plant reliability.

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Why Lutra?

We are an outcomes focused company who prioritise the needs of our customers over anything else. Our expert team spend time upfront understanding our clients needs and the desired outcomes for any project, ensuring we deliver excellence with every project.

Some incredible friends we've made along our journey

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Our Team

Lutra boast one of the most experienced and talented teams in the industry.

Our Commitments

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Means working smarter, researching new solutions to current problems, plus efficiently tracking our emissions.

Reducing our emissions and developing sustainable operating practices is core to why in which we operate and is reflected in our Statement of Intent and Mission statement.

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We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and fun place to work for all of our staff.

Our people are our largest asset. Without our highly skilled team, we would not succeed as a company. We invest heavily in our people - providing training opportunities, a work/life balance, equal pay and the freedom to work from home.

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Community Engagement

We actively engage and share our knowledge with communities to better our industry.

Lutra aim to share our knowledge with the wider community by actively publishing blog posts, Lutra TV episodes, and newsletters through our LinkedIn.

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Empowering Clients

Through smart end-to-end solutions.

We provide operational insights, engineering advice, and advanced process control across your water and wastewater treatment assets, to improve your plants performance, efficiency and compliance.

Lutra Offices

Lutra Wellington Office

Lutra Auckland Office

Lutra Hamilton Office

Interested in becoming a part of the Lutra family? Here you'll find our open vacancies.