CO2 Tank onsite at Wainuiomata Water Treatment Plant

See how Lutra were able to help Wellington Water reduce their Carbon Doxide dosing.

CO2 Wellington Water Optimisation Video

Carbon Dioxide Dosing Optimisation:

In a bid to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness, Wellington Water partnered with Lutra to optimize CO2 dosing at their Te Marua and Wainuiomata Water Treatment Plants. This project not only promises to bolster the plant's performance but also holds the potential to yield substantial cost savings and mitigate future supply concerns.

Optimising the COdosing involved:
  • Methodical sampling and thorough testing of both raw and treated water, across various weather conditions to ensure the dose works with variable water quality.
  • Titration - precisely adding hydrochloric acid into the water samples and measuring required amount to reach target alkalinity. This process culminates in a quantitative determination of alkalinity.
  • Finding a new dose set point based of the findings from the Titration.


Through this process we were able to reduce CO2 dosing at their Te Marua WTP by 30% and Wainuiomata WTP by around 40%. This results in material, cost and environmental improvements all while maintaining water quality.