ID TAG on a Depolox at a Water Treatment Plant

Learn how Wellington Water reduced their organisational risk by using Infrastructure Data.

Laurence Edwards, Wellington Water’s chief advisor for potable water explains the impact Infrastructure Data (ID) has had on Wellington Water.
Wellington Water have three customer outcomes that are the focus for everything we do:

  • Safe and Healthy Water;
  • Respectful of the environment;
  • Resilient networks support our economy.
Infrastructure Data helps us in our work delivering these outcomes for our client councils, through reducing our overall organisational risk profile. It allows us to work more collaboratively across our business and helps to avoid data silos, providing a single source of truth for drinking water operational data, great visibility for staff, and transparency for external regulators. Our operations teams use all the features of ID to work a lot smarter, saving time, and allowing us to focus on critical tasks.
The Lutra team consistently provides a high quality service using their specialist water treatment skills and knowledge in a collaborative manner for the benefit of their clients.