Advanced Process Control scaled

Learn how our advanced process control solutions saved Wellington Water $650k per annum in operating costs, improved plant performance and improved plant efficiency.

Operations managers are often under pressure to deliver the seemingly competing objectives of improving plant performance and reducing operational costs. By applying advanced process control strategies Lutra realised both these objectives for Wellington Water. The advanced process control functionality developed by Lutra that is in real time use at Wellington Waters plants includes the following:

  • Compass predictive coagulant control
  • Predictive polyelectrolyte dose control
  • Predictive CO2 dose control
  • Predictive pH control
  • Predictive chlorine dose control
  • Automated source selection
  • Cost sentinel - Comparing predicted cost to treat with actual online cost to treat
  • Online measurement of THM formation potential and HAA formation potential

The application of these control strategies has resulted in annual operational cost savings of $650k per annum.

"In my experience I have found Lutra’s expertise to be the best in the field."

Jeremy McKibbin - Manager Treatment Plants