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Enable your operators in the field to collect your data from your instruments more easily and with less errors. Using the ID forms app, they can easily input data from calibrations and verifications, meter readings and more.

The Offer Includes:

  • Free access to the Forms App for 1 site
  • The ability to download data to your current data management spreadsheet
  • A first taste of what ID can do for you with the option to upgrade and add more modules and functionality in the future
  • See what the Forms Module can do for you

What is the Lutra ID Forms Module?

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What can the Lutra ID Forms Module do for you?

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The Lutra ID forms module allows for easy data capture in the field, removing the need for paper forms when doing calibrations, verifications, sample collection and more.

Using the Lutra ID app (available for Apple and Android Devices) on a mobile device operators simply scan a QR code on the device and input the relevant data from the instrument or device. Results are then automatically uploaded to Lutra ID once a data connection is available.

Once in Lutra ID, data can be utilised in reports and visualisations within ID or downloaded and transferred to your current reporting spreadsheet/system.

See the video on the left for an example of how useful ID can be

Learn More About Infrastructure Data

ID is more than just forms, it is a complete operations management system for water and wastewater.

ID features modules such as Lab Sample Manager, Dashboards, Batch Reports, License Management, Devices and more.

Find out more about it at the links below: