Request deletion of your Infrastructure Data account

Requesting the removal of the account used on the Infrastructure Data Mobile Application will also result in a loss of all data and access to the Infrastructure Data web application. Please ensure this is your intended desire before you make this request.

If you wish to delete your account you should contact with the subject line; Delete account request.
Please include the following information:
- Name
- Email address used for login
- Organisation name
- Contact phone number
- Reason for your account deletion request

After your email is received a customer service team member will contact you within 5 business days to complete this process including making sure any alerts/alarms are transferred to another organisation member if applicable. Please note that the final decision about your account termination will be made by your organisation's appointed change control person (if applicable).

All data connected to your account is owned and retained by the organisation(s) your account was connected to. Organisation admins may choose to reassign, retain or remove some or all of the data that was associated with your account. Any data retained will be retained until the Organisation is terminated or choses to remove it.

If the removal of your account will also close your Organisation, please contact for specific details about what types of data may be retained and for what durations and purposes.