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Water Process Engineer Onsite With Ceramic Membrane Pilot Plant

Water Treatment

We have a team of experienced Water Treatment process engineers, who can help with your projects. From initial investigation and process design, through to commissioning, optimisation and more. We can work on projects of any size and regularly work with local government and industrial water clients, whether you treat water for a single school or a whole dairy plant, we can help you out.

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Wastewater Process Engineer Onsite Taking Measurements

Wastewater Treatment

With a dedicated team of wastewater process engineers Lutra can help plan, design, and optimise your treatment. Sampling, lab work, investigation, design and commissioning are just some of the services we can offer. Whether you are looking to add an MBBR to an existing plant or design a whole new Treatment plant Lutra can assist you to find the smartest solution.

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Process Engineer Marking P and ID

"In my experience I have found Lutra’s expertise to be the best in the field."

Jeremy McKibbin, Group Manager Network and Customer Operations, Wellington Water.

Case Studies

Advanced Process Control On A Water Treatment Plant

Wellington Water

Learn how our advanced process control solutions saved Wellington Water $650k per annum in operating costs, improved plant performance, along with improved plant efficiency.

Hastings District Council Process Engineer Onsite

Hastings District Council

When Hastings District Council needed urgent technical support in designing, as well as commissioning the new Brookvale WTP, our team responded! With some help from our ID software and more.

Process Engineers Onsite on an Actiflo Clarifier

Horowhenua DC

Learn how our comprehensive interactive training titled 'License to Operate' helped Horowhenua District Council engage with operators which saved time, lowered risk and improved operation costs.