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ID's modular structure allows you to scale the platform to meet your business needs. Check out the videos and information below to find the right modules for your network:


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Devices & Soft Sensors

Devices connect to your SCADA historians and remote devices, providing access to real time data. Soft sensors cleanse, transform and perform logic on incoming data streams for deeper analysis.
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Digitise all of your field tasks and paper forms for accurate data capture.  Backed by a scheduling engine, and automated reminders, tasks are tracked to ensure they are completed on time.
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Lab Sample Manager

A two-way integration with commercial laboratories allows samples to be scheduled and tracked through the entire chain of custody, automatically receiving results when the testing is complete.


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Dashboards & Batch Reports

Powerful data visualisation and reporting tools give you insights into how your treatment operations are performing, as well as automated reports, to support any regulatory requirements.
Geospatial ID Module Video


ID's Geospatial module allows users to view their assets and reticulation networks on a map-based layout, highlighting potential hotspots, whilst allowing users to track potential contamination events.
Consents ID Module Video


Combine all of your inputs & outputs from our other modules, to automate the management and real time compliance monitoring of resource consents, permits, as well as any rules-based plan.
License Manager ID Module Video

License Manager

A customer-facing portal streamlines the end-to-end process of applying for a license or permit, right through to the billing and ongoing management of the license's compliance. 
Alarms ID Module Video


ID's smart alarms can be generated from any incoming data set, as well as a combination of different data types i.e. lab samples with SCADA data. These smart alarms allow users to be notified before a problem occurs.
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From automated distribution of reports, through to reminders and task management, ID's messaging module streamlines day-to-day operations, meaning that tasks and reports are never missed.
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