Jemma’s Internship Roundup

February 14, 2022


What work did I do?

My first week at Lutra was spent watching training videos and getting started on my first project, a sampling memo for the Katikati wastewater treatment plant. The training videos gave me background on how water treatment works in New Zealand meaning I entered my future projects with at least a basic understanding. Examples of topics covered included ultraviolet disinfection, coagulation and flocculation, and membrane filtration. The knowledge gained has also given me a head start for future university courses that discuss water treatment.

The sampling memo was a very good introduction to work at Lutra because I was under the guidance of both Karuna Hambammer and Tim Miskimmin who helped me through the process. I was also able to view previous sampling plans to learn the Lutra style for memo writing. Since this project I have worked on piping and instrumentation diagrams, updated cyanobacteria monitoring data and graphs, completed price estimates for a water monitoring station, and created site specific learning to operate content for wellington water treatment plants.

It was very valuable to be able to apply problem solving and communication skills gained at university to real world situations. I also enjoyed learning how to talk to clients and suppliers and saw major improvements in my excel and word ability, very transferrable skills for both university and future work.

Here you can watch my progress videos over the course of my Lutra internship.

I’m returning to Canterbury University shortly to continue my chemical process engineering degree with the addition this year (2022) of an environmental process engineering minor. At this point I plan on returning to the water industry after university so maybe you will hear a bit more from me in the future either at or outside of Lutra!

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