Process Engineers Onsite on an Actiflo Clarifier

Learn how Horowhenua DC got value from a License To Operate system.

Paul Gaydon, Horowhenua DC's Performance and Technical Manager explains the impact LTO has had on HDC.

LTO is a great learning system in that it is visually based, which means far more stimulation and ease of learning. It corresponds with the modern adage that “YouTube is your friend!” If you can see something, you can learn how to do it fairly easily. It is not constricted to written form where one lacks the imagery associated with understanding the concepts involved.

The video content used to explain or “build” concepts such as depth filtration is well presented, concepts are logically developed, and the viewer is easily able to cotton on to complex concepts.

Lutra have to be complimented on the levels they have set in the course which range from introductory right up to state-of-the-art process knowledge. I am very impressed by their approach to diagnosing problems and fixing them in a logical manner.

A series such as this would have saved me immense amounts of time researching through a range of textbooks in my quest to understand more about processes and solve related problems. The course serves to condense knowledge gained through years of world class experience into a quick to use resource for operators, supervisors and process engineers.