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Lutra are an engineering and software company specifically focused on water and wastewater treatment. Lutra have years of experience designing, improving and optimising water and wastewater treatment plants both municipal and industrial. With clients including councils/municipalities, private water suppliers, multinational dairies and Meat producers.

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Infrastructure Data

Lutra's leading water and wastewater data management platform, utilised by water suppliers around the world. ID is a modular platform with tools for:

  • Compliance Reporting
  • License management
  • Optimisation
  • Sample Management
  • And more


Process Optimisation

Many plants run for years without issue, but does that mean they are performing optimally? Many treatment processes can benefit from optimisation, whether it be in terms of chemical use, loading rates or production efficiencies.

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Your staff’s competence is key to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your assets. Training is an essential part of creating and recording staff competence.

Lutra can provide:

  • LTO - Tailored Digital Training for your operations staff
  • Onsite training - for theory or practical subjects such as jar testing and process monitoring
Process Engineer Marking P and ID

"In my experience I have found Lutra’s expertise to be the best in the field."

Jeremy McKibbin, Group Manager Network and Customer Operations, Wellington Water.

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